Omaha’s Zorinsky Lake Park is a great place to take a hike, walk, or bike. It’s also popular for fishing and kayaking. However, the city is dealing with a problem caused by vandalism at the park. Learn more by clicking here.

The 255-acre park features a public-access fishing dock, two modern playgrounds, multiple sports fields, and one of Nebraska’s last tall grass prairies (Bauermeister Prairie). It has a paved trail for walking and biking.

1. Boating

During the summer, guests can take a relaxing boat tour around Zorinsky Lake. These tours are offered daily and provide a unique opportunity to explore the city of Omaha as well as the stunning natural landscapes surrounding the lake.

The 255-acre reservoir named after US Senator Edward Zorinsky is one of the most popular outdoor spaces in the city. Its parkland offers two modern playgrounds, multiple baseball and soccer fields, a seven-mile loop trail, and an ADA-compliant fishing dock. It also contains a portion of Eastern Nebraska’s famed tall grass prairie known as Bauermeister Prairie.

While swimming is not permitted at the lake, canoeing and kayaking are favored diversions here. Visitors can also fish at no-wake speeds for northern pike, channel catfish, crappie, and bluegill.

2. Fishing

During the summer, you can enjoy fishing at Zorinsky Lake. The park’s 255-acre lake is home to bass, crappie, and catfish. It is also a popular spot for recreational boating.

The park’s paved trail is great for hiking and biking. It also offers picnic areas and playgrounds. It is a perfect place for family activities.

Located in the western part of Omaha, Zorinsky Lake Park has a 255-acre lake named after the late US Senator Edward Zorinsky. The park also features a playground, baseball diamonds, football fields, and a public-access fishing dock. It is also home to one of Nebraska’s last tall-grass prairies, Bauermeister Prairie.

Zorinsky Lake Park is located in the charming neighborhood of Richland VIII. This residential area is known for its beautiful parks and friendly locals. Learn more about Papillion here.

3. Picnicking

If you aren’t interested in boating or fishing, you can still enjoy a leisurely picnic at Zorinsky Lake Park. There are several impressive picnic shelters located throughout the park and there are also many walking trails that can be used for hiking or cycling.

A paved trail around the lake, named after Senator Edward Zorinsky, is an excellent choice for a leisurely stroll or bicycle ride. The 7-mile loop encircles the 255-acre lake, which has been stocked with trout for fishing.

There are also plenty of other activities available at the park, such as playgrounds, baseball diamonds, and soccer fields. The park is a favorite for Omaha residents and visitors alike. It is also a great place to spend a day with the family.

4. Hiking

Located 13 miles west of downtown Omaha, the Zorinsky Lake Park is one of the city’s most popular recreation areas. This day-use facility includes a 255-acre no-wake boating and fishing lake, as well as 770 acres of public access land with picnic areas, sports fields, two modern playgrounds, baseball and soccer diamonds, a seven-mile loop trail, and an ADA-accessible fishing dock.

While walking the paved paths around Zorinsky Lake, you will be awed by the natural beauty of this park. Tall grasses and shrubs line the path and create a tranquil setting for a walk or jog.

During the summer months, visitors can also go for a rafting trip. There are a number of companies in the area that offer half-day or full-day trips.

5. Boat Tours

If you are looking for a fun way to see Omaha, there is no better option than taking one of the many boat tours available at Zorinsky Lake Park. These tours are designed to help you explore and learn more about the city’s rich history and culture.

Located in west Omaha, this popular recreational lake covers 255 acres of diverse landscape. In addition to water sports, the lake is home to two modern playgrounds, multiple baseball and soccer fields, a football field, a leash-free dog park, bicycle and hiking trails, and one of the last surviving native tall grass prairies in eastern Nebraska, Bauermeister Prairie.

Invasive zebra mussels were detected in the lake, and water samples tested positive for veligers (the microscopic larval stage of the invasive species). The city’s public works crews continue to monitor and perform long-term repairs. Check this out!


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