IV Hydration

Maintaining Juvederm Results

Our IV hydration service delivers fluids, electrolytes, and meds via IV line for quick and effective hydration. Our experienced team offers a safe, customized service that enhances energy, focus, athletic performance, and recovery. Our balanced solution replenishes vital nutrients for optimal hydration.

Get Up & Go 

  • Boost energy and combat fatigue 

Immunity Defense 

  • Boost immune system and combat illness 

Inner Beauty 

  • Healthy hair, skin, & nails booster


  • Alleviate hangover symptoms and hydrate the body 

Myers Cocktail 

Support overall health and wellness

Experience the revitalizing power of IV Hydration at NAVA Med Spa! Book your appointment now to boost your energy, enhance your wellness, and rejuvenate your body from the inside out.

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