The 217-acre Benson Park is great for a walk, jog, or bike ride and features a pond, ice rink, and plenty of scenic picnic areas. The park also hosts a golf course and community center. See our home page.

Actor Nick Nolte was born and raised in the neighborhood. He went on to star in over 80 movies.

Golf Course

The 18-hole golf course at Benson Park Omaha NE features tree-lined fairways and greenside bunkers. It is a scenic city course that lies on the rolling hills of scenic northwest Omaha. The course is a great challenge with a variety of holes that traverse the hilltop clubhouse area and are bordered by a creek. The greens are large, and the holes are well-bunkered and framed by mature trees. The course is open to the public and managed by Bob Baber, Golf Manager. It is a very good city course that is a great challenge for even the best players.

Ice Rink

If you are a fan of skating and sports, you will love this place. It’s a beautiful location with an ice rink, a lake and pavilion, and a charming picnic area. The place is easily accessible via public transport. It’s a great place to spend some time with family and friends.

The city government of Omaha is responsible for running Benson Park and the other municipal facilities in the community. This includes maintaining paved sidewalks and trails throughout the neighborhood. Residents are also able to visit Krug Park and Gallagher Park, two amusement parks in Benson.

Benson is a very family-centric neighborhood with thirty percent of its population under the age of 18. This compares to Downtown Omaha where only six percent of people are under the same age. Families love this neighborhood because of its affordable housing and family-friendly amenities. Visit another area in town here.

Picnic Area

A great place to visit with your family, the Picnic Area at Benson Park is a beautiful spot for picnics. The area is surrounded by trees and a rushing river, which makes it a perfect place for a relaxing day out with your loved ones.

The picnic pavilion is located in a 217-acre park near the Benson Park Lagoon. It is available for rent year-round, and it has central air conditioning. The main room measures 30 x 40 feet, and it can accommodate up to 64 people. It also has tables and chairs that may be used. The kitchen is fully equipped, and the main floor and porch are handicapped accessible.

Benson is an urban neighborhood with many attractions to offer. The area is a hub for entertainment, with many local live music venues and restaurants. Its many parks are another draw for visitors to the community. In addition, the Old Market district offers upscale shopping.

Community Center

There are plenty of opportunities for learning at the Benson Community Center. Classes include belly dancing, fencing, and traditional Japanese martial arts. In addition, a wide variety of community exhibitions take place here. For example, Azalea of Omaha Belly Dance performs here regularly and is available to perform at weddings and other special events.

Gallagher Park is another major attraction in Benson. It is located across from Benson High School and Monroe Middle School. It features a pool and open grassy areas. It is also home to the ice skating rink.

Whether you are looking for a new neighborhood or a great location to buy your next home, the Benson area is definitely worth exploring. Located slightly northwest of the heart of downtown Omaha, Benson is home to some of the city’s best restaurants and local businesses. It is also a cultural hotspot, with many of its historic buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Find out more!


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